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Let Me Show You How To...

Being a mum is hard. I’m here to help you find your way.

There’s a reason why motherhood is known as the toughest job you’ll ever have.

At Resilient Mums, we don’t want any mum to have to go through the challenges that come with raising kids alone.

We’re a service that will support you at every stage of your journey, in ways that work for you.

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Is This You?

You love being a mum but you don’t always find it easy. You...

Feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a parent

Are juggling too many roles and demands

Often feel you’re not doing a good enough job

Feel guilty

Feel unsure of what you’re supposed to be doing as a mum

Worry about getting things wrong

Wish you could be a calmer mum

Avoid doing things because of worry or stress

Wish your emotions would calm the hell down

Feel lost

Doubt yourself and your ability to be a good mum

Are having more down days than good ones

Feel anxious a lot of the time

Do you want things to be different? To be better?

“Since becoming a part of Clare Flaxen’s Resilient Mum group I have had the confidence to speak out more about the realities of my tough mum moments, getting genuine love and support from a lovely group of women. I have taken part in several of Clare’s services - her calm mum workshop, a couple of group video call sessions and most valuably to me - several private sessions. She has an incredible way of reading through all the chaos of my feelings and figuring out the root, giving me sensible goals and has taught me the power of accepting any and all emotions as normal. That it is ok to be fed up or angry or sad but that there is something that can make you feel better when you need it - your own mind!

Working with Clare has given me tricks that have stopped me shouting so much and feeling so out of control with my family, given me direction in my career and truthfully - hope that my mind won’t always be quite so noisy!”

Kelly Rigg, mum of one (soon to be two!)

Let me show you how to….

Make practical changes so the juggling feels easier

Understand when you’re aiming for perfect and go for being a good mum instead

Feel like you’re doing a better job as a mum

Enjoy more of motherhood!

Deal with the emotional highs and lows

Feel more in control (and be OK with not always being in control)

Be a calmer mum when the pressure’s on

Take some of the pressure off

Get more confident with yourself as a parent

Stop anxiety from stopping you