The Fourth Trimester Support Package

Are you a new or soon-to-be new mum? Or maybe your family is growing and you're about to welcome a sibling into your family?

Our Fourth Trimester support package is here to make sure you get the care and emotional support you need to manage this big transition.

You'll get 4 x weekly hour long video calls, plus email support in between sessions.

Additional sessions are available to purchase if needed. Start straight away after your baby comes or let things settle in a bit first before accessing your support - the choice is yours.

Perfect to help you get to grips with the changes, the impact of sleep deprivation, the overwhelming emotions and the worries that are so normal to experience when you have a new baby.

Normal but difficult. Let us help you make it easier and feel less alone.

Perfect as a new mum gift too!

After you purchase the Fourth Trimester Support Package you'll receive an email from Resilient Mums asking for the details of who's receiving this wonderful package of support. If you're buying for yourself, you can go ahead and book in your first session. If it's a gift, just send Resilient Mums the recipient's details and we'll do the rest!

PRICE £297  

I can help you to...

Feel more confident as a new mum

Manage the challenges of bringing another baby into your family

Feel supported and know you're not alone in this

Understand the different emotions coming up for you

Manage new mum anxieties

Improve your mood and manage the tiredness

Heal from birth experiences

Manage postnatal difficulties

Have space to talk about how you're feeling

Feel less overwhelmed and unsure

"Clare has lifted a weight from my shoulders. She was totally calm and methodical. Clare is so good at recognising what is important to you. I really felt that I was in safe hands. She helps me stay grounded and calm"


Georgia Black, Mum of two, London

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