How To Parent Without Losing Your Sh*t

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This practical online workshop will give you exactly what you need to stop feeling like the parent who's always shrieking at her kids and get to calm and in control instead.

In it you'll learn realistic and practical ways to feel calmer, stop your blood pressure from rising when all around you is chaos and choose how you want to respond…

...rather than reacting in those same old ways that don't work and leave you feeling awful.

You'll feel calmer and happier. And your kids will too.

So if you want to...

Take back control of your stress levels and make bedtimes more manageable and less like a battleground

Stop exploding when your kids don’t listen and take a small lifetime to do what you need them to do

Make mealtimes to be a more peaceful affair, instead of you shouting at your children to sit at the table and eat

Stop sounding like a broken record and start enjoying your time with your kids more

Create mental space when you need it

Step back and out of your triggers when you feel your annoyance rising and choose how to respond instead

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Then come and join a friendly group of parents and learn from the comfort of your home.

In this 2 hour online workshop you'll learn how to think about things, approach things and plan things out differently. Because these are the keys to feeling and behaving differently, and having less stress in your life.

Plus, you'll meet other parents in the same boat where no one is judging anyone else and we're all just in it together.

You'll come away with your own workbook full of personalised tips and ideas to put into place in your day to day life, that are realistic and achievable and will leave you feeling like a calmer, happier, more confident parent!

“Thanks for a great session, I’ve been telling people about it! I thoroughly recommend the workshop. The workshop helped me to take a mental step back and understand I can CHOOSE rather than REACT. Thank you for a very powerful and challenging workshop. It felt so good to take some time to think and the CBT reframing was very releasing”

Jackie Meek mum of two, Oxfordshire

Perfect for parents of all ages of children!