Individual CBT Sessions

For everything else, there's one to one CBT work!

You may want to go deeper and start exploring things that have been hanging around in your life but pre-motherhood you coped with differently. Or maybe being a mum has brought up things in yourself you never expected and don't know how to handle.

Many mums also choose to have some therapy sessions once kids are in the picture because they want to role model making positive changes and don't want to pass on their fears, anxieties and unhelpful coping strategies to their children.

Whatever stage of motherhood you're at, individual cognitive behavioural therapy sessions will give you 1:1 support to really get to grips with the things you’d like to change and move things to a better, happier place.

Whether it's mum related or life in general, CBT is a great for unpacking what's driving your behaviours and helping you think about situations differently and feel differently.

I can help you to...

Manage anxiety

Increase your confidence

Learn how to feel better about yourself as a mum

Let go of trying to do it all

Let go of trying to be the perfect mum and aim for being a good mum instead

Improve your mood and enjoy more of life as a mum

Heal from birth trauma

Manage postnatal difficulties

Learn how to manage stress

Deal with worries and intrusive thoughts

Work through changes in identity and create space for you again

Understand your mum guilt and learn how to deal with it

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Work through things at your own pace with weekly sessions and support from Clare. The first session you’ll set goals together about what you want to achieve and each week you’ll agree things to test out in your life, to really help things move along and create new patterns and habits that work better for you.

CBT is a collaborative way of working. You’ll become your own expert in managing the challenges that come with life and especially with life once you become a parent. Through weekly sessions you’ll learn how to understand the links between your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. And how to approach them differently so that you can think, feel and do differently and get your life to where you want it to be.

Sessions are online via a video call, giving you the flexibility to be at home (or anywhere private) and fit support in around your family and home life. You can be based anywhere and still access support from Resilient Mums.

If you prefer face to face, there is some availability for in person appointments in North London.

Day time appointments and evenings at 8.30pm (GMT) during the week are offered.


Sessions are for an hour and cost £75 each. Please email or call Clare on 07982 616 329 to book your first appointment.

“There are only a few people I trust to turn to for support in parenting, and Clare is most definitely one of those people. I had a very hard time when I first had my daughter. The strategies Clare taught me have really helped me to manage my anxiety when it feels like it might overwhelm me. I always feel like I can ask her anything; she doesn't just hand me the answers, but helps me to work things out for myself. It's great that she is a mum herself, as she really understands what I mean, but also is great at seeing that there is no one-thing-fits-all when it comes to parenting"

Alexandra Clinton, mum of one and Founder & Chair, Awesome Mums' Brunch Club

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