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The Returning to Work Or What Now? Package

So, you're coming to the end of your maternity leave or you've recently started back and you'd like a bit of help managing the change and the emotions that are flooding in and leaving you in tears after nursery drop off.

We've all been there, mama. It's not an easy transition and confusing emotions can pop up (like unexpected mum guilt or worry thoughts you can't control).

It can be a big shift too, getting used to juggling work and family life and there are a whole heap of pressures and logistical nightmares to content with.

It's a stressful, emotional time!

Or perhaps you don't have a job to go back to but you're thinking more about your career and what could come next?

For some of us having children completely changes our outlook on work and the jobs we previously did no longer fit with family life.

So maybe you're at the point of wanting to thrash out what you could do that offers some flexibility and autonomy but still pays the bills and gives you a sense of achievement.

The good news is we can help with ALL of this!

Choose between our mentoring and CBT sessions for managing your mat leave ending OR figuring out what's going to come next in your career.

You'll get 6 x 1 hr online video calls and email support in between sessions.

You can use them however you like - do 3 prior to returning to work to prepare yourself and 3 as you go back to support you through those early weeks. Or use them on a weekly basis to get mentoring support to figure out what you'd like to do next in life. Whatever works best for you, we're here to help.

Cost £397

Buy your package and we'll be in touch by email to discuss your needs and set up your first session

I can help you to...

Manage this time of change

Feel good about your choices

Banish unnecessary mum guilt

Figure out what will work for you now you're a mum

Have the confidence to make the leap

Manage anxieties and worries

Set boundaries and expectations for returning to work

Get OK with being a mum and wanting to work on your career too

Create a working life that works for you and your family

Manage stress and the juggling act


"Clare helped me to find the tools to understand what was holding me back from pursuing the things I really wanted to after becoming a Mom of two boys.  She helped me to realise that what was stopping me weren’t failures and that I just needed to change tack on the way I was thinking about things both in my personal and professional life to move forward. She is an amazingly insightful, kind and patient person with an ear and an eye to spot these details, helping to turn them into positive changes ❤️"

Emma Walker, Mum of two, London

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