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The Early Years and Beyond

So, you're out of the first few months of motherhood...maybe you're knee deep in toddlerdom now. Or your kids are at nursery or school but the pressures don't seem to have lessened.

Life does start to open up once our children are no longer new born babies, but the challenges don't go away. In fact in many ways they can increase!

You've got tantrums to deal with, your own buttons being pushed, worries about whether you're being a good mum, the stress of trying to juggle parenting and the rest of life, the not listening, everything taking an age to get done, the infuriating way it's so hard to get everyone out the door on time, the arguments at mealtimes, the sibling fighting, the bedtime battles.....

Sometimes as our children grow, so do the difficulties.

It's a hard phase to manage as the behaviours change, you've got milestones like school starting and your own fears and worries can escalate.

Let me help you figure it all out and feel good about the way you're handling it.

We'll look at staying calm, managing anxiety, mum guilt and getting a more realistic perspective on your expectations of being a mum to a young child.

Cost £75 per hour long mentoring and CBT session


Let me show you how to...

Manage your own emotional responses as your child gets more independent

Deal with stress better

Feel supported and know you're not alone in this

Understand the different emotions coming up for you

Manage worries and fears

Navigate tantrums and challenging behaviours calmly

Deal with the behaviours that drive you crazy

Check your expectations of what family life should look like

Stop comparing yourself to other mums

Feel like you're doing a good job

“Clare has an incredible way of reading through all the chaos of my feelings and figuring out the root, giving me sensible goals and has taught me the power of accepting any and all emotions as normal. That it is ok to be fed up or angry or sad but that there is something that can make you feel better when you need it - your own mind!"

Kelly Rigg, Mum of two, hampshire

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